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Our team is committed to the highest standards of customer satisfaction and vehicle care. There are a number of benefits to servicing your vehicle with Sunco Hyundai including:

  1. Protecting your factory warranty – With Hyundai dealer servicing using genuine parts as per Hyundai’s recommendation will ensure validation of your warranty. Other service options and non-genuine parts can affect your vehicle warranty and roadside assistances.
  2. Better resale value – A fully stamped service log book is proof to prospective buyers that your vehicle has been maintained regularly and has met all of Hyundai’s requirements. This enhances potential resale value.
  3. Highly trained technicians with superior technical knowledge – Every technician who works for us goes through a rigorous training program to become knowledgeable with the Hyundai product.
  4. Genuine parts designed and manufactured for your Hyundai – All genuine parts are covered for 12 months / 20,000 kilometres when fitted by our Hyundai trained technicians. These parts are tested and meet all ADR (Australian Design Rules) specifications for the particular vehicle. Did you know that the fitting of some aftermarket parts may effect the compliance with the ADR and have an adverse effect of the normal operation of the vehicle.
  5. State of the art diagnostic equipment – As automotive technology becomes increasingly complex, the traditional toolbox is virtually obsolete. Our GSW and multiple interface diagnostic computer allows us to locate the problem more quickly with live interaction with the factory to the car. This gives us up to date data that can help with the identification of the problem, saving you time and money. This equipment is not available in non-dealer workshops.
  6. Fuel efficiency, trouble free driving and preventative maintenance – Ensuring your vehicle is well maintained leads to better fuel efficiency, reduced chances of mechanical breakdown and overall trouble free motoring. All Hyundai servicing has a history check completed through Hyundai’s vehicle system to capture any outstanding or current rework that Hyundai may request to be carried out. This work would be done automatically and at no charge to you.

To contact a member of our service team please ring (07) 5442 0310.

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